Parenting Arrangements in Family Law – Everything You Must Know

Getting Divorced – Divorce is ugly, particularly when it involves minor children. If you are not getting along well with your spouse then this does not mean you can neglect your kids. The fact is parental responsibility is the same even after the divorce!

According to the Family Law, you are accountable for all basic and prominent needs of your children after the divorce, till they are of legal age. This is mandatory until and unless the court issues any orders against it, which would be the case only in special circumstances.

In most of the divorce cases, the parents are able to reach a mutually understood agreement. Even the Family law focuses heavily on agreements that involve both parents accountable to responsibilities and making arrangement for their kids.

How can you Make Parental Arrangements for Children?

The Family Law of almost every country establishes special centers that aim to offer parents with counselling and support to maintain appropriate parental arrangement for the children. Such centers can counsel families and parents, and offer them with in-depth information about separation and make proper parental arrangements.

With the help of such centers, it is possible for the parents to reach appropriate agreements that are in the best interests of their children. In addition to this, the courts also offer services regarding pre-action procedures. Such procedures involve a set of numerous steps that the parents need to comply before they request the child custody issue with the court. In such cases, it is essential for the parents to possess certification from a Family Dispute Resolution practitioner confirming that genuine attempts have been made for resolving the family troubles before taking them to the court.

What to do if you are not able to reach a Mutual Agreement?

In few cases, it is possible that the parents are not able to reach a mutual agreement in the best interest of their children. In such situation, parents can always apply to family courts. Such courts determine responsibilities for each parent and issue a legal order for the same. Such orders are termed as ‘parenting orders.’

As per the Family Law of most of the nations, there are 4 distinct types of parenting orders that can be issued by the court. These are decision-making orders for parent responsibility, decision making, custody, and living arrangements. Also, the orders include details about communication type and spending time that each parent is allowed to spend with the child with whom they are not living. The court mentions precise details about the responsibility of parents for support and maintenance of their children. Hence, if the parents are not able to make a precise decision and a mutual agreement then they can always approach the court to identify the best possible solution.

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