About Us

We provide family mediation services to homes in the Edinburgh and Glasgow region in order to facilitate respectful dissolution and divorce. Our Edinburgh divorce mediators serve your needs through a very emotional and stressful period, while saving expenses, avoiding delays, and granting the parties more control over the process. Together, we will endeavour to address concerns peacefully, make rapid progress, and finalise a consensual agreement that you may have the courts ratify. In turn, you will have a greater chance of achieving a good resolution on everything from the family finances and division of assets to the future division of parenting obligations.

The expert team behind Corporation-KGB

Our staff possesses an incredible array of professional skills. This includes years of experience mediating all types of family conflicts, a certification in child-inclusive mediation, litigation experience, and expertise in workplace dispute resolution.

Our Team

Since beginning legal practise as a family attorney 17 years ago, Marcia has worked completely as an independent mediator, specialising on family mediation and then workplace mediation.


Michael is the founder of corporation-kgb and a business litigator. His legal strategy has always been to pursue an early mediated settlement.


Stacey mediates divorce and separation. She knows how stressful, time-consuming, and expensive family court can be.