Privacy Policy

Corporation-KGB respects the rights of its workers as well as the rights of other users, including the right of website visitors to privacy and security of their data. KGB is entirely dedicated to complying with the terms of any and all applicable data protection laws and regulations, such as the Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). KGB is committed to upholding its workers’ and other users’ rights to privacy and the security of their data. This Privacy Policy, sometimes referred to as the “Policy,” explains how we collect, utilise, disclose, and store personally identifiable information that is supplied by users of this website. The day when the Policy went into force was 19.12.19. The strategy will undergo ongoing evaluation in light of emerging technology, corporate practises, shifting regulatory requirements, and the ever-evolving requirements of KGB. The Information Commissioner’s Office, which is the Data Protection Authority for the United Kingdom, has accepted our registration.

Data Controller

Corporation-KGB, whose registered office is located at Unit 14, Bankhead Industrial Estate, Edinburgh, Lothian, EH11 4BP, is the entity in charge of the data collection process for any and all personal information obtained through the use of this website. This indicates that we are in charge of making decisions on the kind of data we collect, as well as how we store and utilise the personal information you provide. As outlined in the section of this Policy titled “Security,” we shall put into effect the required data security measures in order to safeguard the data from being accessed or lost by unauthorised parties.

Gathering of Information

KGB is an organisation that gathers and stores a wide variety of personally identifiable information, some of which includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, payment information, social media accounts, and company addresses. The KGB obtains information either directly from people or via the firms that the persons’ parent employees work for. E-mails, phone conversations, online registration forms, event registration forms, and in-person encounters are all potential avenues via which the information might be gathered. KGB does not collect personally identifiable information about people, with the exception of situations in which there is a necessary necessity for doing legal business or where such information is supplied on a voluntary basis.

Users should also be informed that non-personal data and information may be automatically gathered through the normal procedure of KGB web servers, as well as through the use of cookies technology and/or the tracking of Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses. This information and data will not identify users personally and will only be used for internal purposes. Your web browser, the type of computer you use, the operating system, the companies who offer your internet access, and any other information that does not personally identify you might be considered non-personal identifying information. KGB web server also automatically gathers information about the most viewed and visited pages and links on our website, as well as information about the top entry and exit points, number of form completions, time spent on pages, top downloads, top keywords used offsite to lead customers to our website, your internet protocol (IP) address, information collected via cookies, the areas you visit on the website, the links you may select from within the website to other external websites, and device event information. This information is used to improve the user experience and to Cookies are enabled by default in the vast majority of browsers. You have the option of setting your browser to reject cookies or to notify you when a cookie is being sent. If you do this, keep in mind that the KGB website may not provide you with access to all of its features if you deactivate cookies. The information that is gathered in this manner helps us to better develop and tailor our services to match your requirements and preferences, as well as to bring to your notice additional options for services, events, and networking.

The Reason Behind the Processing

KGB will use the personal data that has been obtained to provide you with information on the services provided to clients, to process and react to inquiries that have been received from the general public or other relevant stakeholders, and to get in touch with you to solicit your opinions. KGB may use statistical analysis of user behaviour and attributes to evaluate interest in and use of various portions of the website. These analyses may include using the website’s search functionality. The personal information that is stored by KGB may also be used in an aggregate form, which excludes any personal identifiers, in order to provide information to third parties, such as trends and outcomes, and to assist us in enhancing the functions and content of the website or other marketing materials.

If you or your parent business are already a client of KGB, opting out of receiving marketing emails from us will not prevent us from communicating with you in any other way. When your company starts doing business with KGB, you will automatically be signed up to get specific information that is associated with the organisation. We are obligated to provide you with this information as a result of a constitutional mandate.

You have the option to choose whether or not to engage in further communication with KGB, even if you are not currently or have never been one of our customers. We also obtain data through networking (for example, through the exchange of business cards), and if the information is pertinent, we add it to our data management system. For promotional purposes, we could on occasion purchase data that has been “opted in” (lists compiled by trustworthy service providers).

Data retention

The acquired personal information is kept in the Content Management System (CMS) of the KGB as well as other relevant data management systems, which may be paper-based or electronic. Any information that might potentially identify a user will not be shared with a third party without the user’s prior consent, and even then, only under very limited circumstances. The information will not be shared with any organisation that is situated outside of the EU. At certain intervals, we shall do the following:

  • Examine the amount of time for which we will retain your personal information.
  • When choosing whether (and for how long) to keep your personal data, one factor to take into consideration is the reason or purposes for which we currently have it.
  • Delete in a safe manner any information that is no longer required for the aforementioned goal or those goals.
  • If information becomes out of date, it should be updated, archived, or safely deleted.


KGB takes appropriate precautions to protect any personally identifiable information it may possess. The safeguards that are put into place will be suitable to the different kinds of information that are stored, and they will be compliant with any and all applicable laws that regulate the protection of personal information. The availability, confidentiality, and integrity of the individual’s personal information are all protected by the measures that have been taken. We have taken the necessary precautions to protect your personal information from being inadvertently lost, misused or accessed in an unauthorised manner, changed, or disclosed by putting in place adequate security measures. In addition to this, we restrict access to your personal data to only those employees, contractors, and agents who have a genuine and pressing need to have access to such data in order to fulfil their job responsibilities. Your personal information will be processed by our employees, contractors, or agents in line with the instructions that we provide. They shall be held to a duty of secrecy and required to handle the personal data with the utmost care and attention to detail. We have established measures in place to deal with any considered breach of data security, and we will notify you and any relevant regulator of a suspected violation where we are legally obligated to do so. We have also set protocols in place to deal with any considered breach of data security. Employees of the KGB get training in data security and the safeguarding of information. Encryption technology known as Secure Socket Layer (also abbreviated as SSL) or Transport Layer Security (also abbreviated as TLS) will be implemented in certain sections of the KGB website. This will improve data privacy and help KGB avoid the loss, misuse, or alteration of the information it collects and stores.


If we are forced to do so by law, we may share your information with other parties.

Links to Websites Operated by Other Parties

We may give connections to the websites of other parties when it is suitable to do so and exclusively for the legitimate business purposes of KGB. We may also provide adverts that incorporate links to the websites of third parties. Users of the website will find that these links are offered for their convenience. The websites of third parties that are linked to on this page are run by separate organisations who are responsible for their own privacy policies. This Privacy Policy does not extend to such other websites, nor does it cover how those other organisations use the information that you provide to them. Both the material that is shown on such sites and the steps, if any, that are taken by such sites to preserve the privacy of your information are outside of KGB’s control. The KGB website could also show advertising or other material from other parties, which might include tracking technology or cookies from such third parties. The KGB does not have any control over how those technologies are used.


KGB maintains contact information on its clients and the wider business community in order to transmit information about our services and updates. This is done because KGB has legitimate commercial interests in doing so. In addition, KGB distributes promotional materials that promote its services, new clients, industry news, and other pertinent offers. On occasion, KGB will work in conjunction with other organisations and businesses in the industry to promote additional initiatives that may be of interest to KGB’s clientele as well as the general business community. KGB does not provide these organisations with any personally identifiable information in these circumstances; however, KGB may distribute the information of the organisation on their behalf to those individuals who may genuinely benefit from receiving such information or who have elected to receive such information. You have the option to opt out of receiving promotional materials if you do not want to do so. At the very bottom of each and every email sent out for marketing purposes will be a link labelled “unsubscribe.” You may also send KGB a written notification following the instructions outlined below. If your parent business has designated you as a relevant contact needed to receive information on its behalf, you are not permitted to decline to receive essential information that KGB is obligated to supply you in accordance with the contractual responsibilities that KGB has to its customers.

Social media

In order to better manage our interactions on social media, we may use technologies supplied by a third party, such as Hootsuite. Hootsuite may save the message if you submit it to us in a private or direct communication via social media. These direct messages, along with any other personally identifiable information, will not be distributed to any other organisations.

Access, evaluation, and rectification

Your right to view any of your personal information that we keep (“subject access request”) is guaranteed to you by the General Data Protection Regulations. If you have a preexisting commercial connection with KGB, you have the ability to make a request to us for a list of the various kinds of personal information that we keep on file for you. Requests for access to the subject must be sent in writing to the addresses listed below. As required by the applicable rules of the GDPR, we will make every effort to reply to the request within a reasonable amount of time and, in any case, within one month.

It is essential that the personal information we have on you at this time is correct and up to date. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will do all in our power to ensure that any personal information we maintain on you is correct. Before we can comply with your request to access or examine the personal information we have stored on you, we will need you to verify your identity. This is necessary in order for us to be able to fulfil your request.

The Right to Privacy

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for any particular purpose, as well as the right to request that we cease using your information. These rights are in addition to the rights of access, review, and rectification. If you would want to make use of any of these rights, please send an email to the following address: [email protected]. Alternatively, you may write a letter to the KGB offices at the address Unit 14, Bankhead Industrial Estate, Edinburgh, Lothian, EH11 4BP with the heading “Data Protection.” You have the ability to file a complaint at any time with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which serves as the data protection authority for the United Kingdom. This right is available to you in the event that you have additional concerns regarding the manner in which we use your personal information. Visit the website for additional information on your rights regarding data protection and how to get in touch with them.


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