Do the Children Fare Better in a Litigated Divorce or Through Mediation?

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a divorced couple and their four children. The children ranged in age from adolescence to late teens. The family unit was in turmoil secondary to the divorce and the way it was handled. I am sure the cost was over $100,000 for both sides, which is certainly […]

Why Divorce Mediation Costs Less

Divorce is expensive, and the resulting aftermath can devastate a family for a long period of time. Mediation minimizes this expense and the continuing aftershocks of the initial destruction. Some of the costs associated with divorce are: o Attorney’s fees/mediator fees o Time lost from work/job loss/lost opportunity o Stress/illness/psychological trauma o Trauma for children […]

Pitler Family Legislation & Mediation, P.C

At Pitler Relatives Law & Mediation, P.C., we concentrate on encouraging people by way of the problems of divorce. We fully grasp there is no these kinds of matter as an “simple divorce.” Even when get-togethers have presently determined how to divide their belongings or have confined assets, the expertise of a divorce can be […]