The Qualities of a Mediator

A mediator needs to develop several abilities: 1) attentiveness 2) ethics 3) emotional intelligence 4) subject matter expertise 5) decisiveness. ATTENTIVENESS The most important ability for a mediator is to pay attention. One eminent historian has written that our entire society suffers from attention deficit. [Niall Ferguson: Colossus, 2004] The plain and awful truth is […]

5 Explanations Why a Wedding ceremony Mediator Can Help save Your Wedding

5 Popular Myths about Marriage ceremony Mediators Weddings are superb, but families and good friends can make the planning experience hell on wheels. That is why I determined to share my skills as a conflict skilled with brides who want the planning to be as a great deal enjoyable as the marriage. Recently, I came […]

What Does a Relatives Mediator Do?

Recently, a friend known as from out of town and asked me about mediation. He and his spouse are acquiring divorced, and he was obtaining a challenge negotiating with her. While they are genuinely not that significantly aside in their positions, almost nothing was going on since he and his wife were being getting difficulty […]